Terrorists and Russian Army Preparing for Assault in Luhansk Region Deploying Air Defense Systems and Planes

армия российская

Russian and terrorist troops are actively building up forces in the Donbas ignoring the so-called "truce".

According to Censor.NET this was stated by DmytroTymchuk on his Facebookpage.

"The UkrainianParliament's adoption of the laws on the special procedure of theself-government in certain areas of the Donbas and amnesty has notaffected the intensity of the fighting.

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The most difficultsituation remains in the area of Donetsk, Luhansk, Lysychansk,Stanytsia Luhanska, Shchastia, Popasna, Verkhnia Krynka, NyzhniaKrynka, Zhdanivka.

Accumulation ofunits of the regular army of the Russian Federation has beenspotted near the bombarded airport in Donetsk. In the area of thecity the enemy creates a layered air defensesystem.

Also a transfer ofseveral unmarked military aircraft border to the border areas ofRussia has been recorded. According to our information, they arebeing prepared for transportation to Donetsk as "Novorossia AirForce" in case of pushing out the Ukrainian units from theterritory of the airport.

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In the Luhanskregion the LPR militants and Russian units are preparing to resumeactive operations and continue fighting. Over the last 2-3 daysthey conducted a series of rearrangements and focused severalbattle groups with armored vehicles in the north-eastern part ofthe ATO area and north of Luhansk. Previously several convoys ofammunition and fuel were delivered from Russia. Near LuhanskRussian mobile radar systems have been deployed and gangs areactively accumulating air defense means.

There are numeroussigns that Donbas militants with the help of Russian specialistsare creating not only controlled radar field but also a layered airdefense system.

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At the same timeover the past days there has been no recorded passage of militaryequipment columns from Russia to the Donbas.

The situation inthe coastal areas (Novoazovsk-Mariupol) is relatively calm.However, there is an active transfer of Russian troops to the northof Mariupol," Tymchuk wrote.

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