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 United States Senate to Consider Weapons Supply to Ukraine and New Sanctions Against Russia

American Senators Robert Menendez and Bob Corker have brought to the Senate a bill on new sanctions against Russia and support of Ukraine providing weapons supply to Kyiv according to one of the draft’s paragraph.

This message, as well as the fulltext of the document is posted on the website of the Senate,Censor.NET reports citingUkrainianPravda.

Accordingto it, the President would be authorized to provide defensearticles, defense services, and training to the Government ofUkraine for the purpose of countering offensive weapons andreestablishing the sovereignty and territorial integrity ofUkraine, including anti-tank and anti-armor weapons; crew weaponsand ammunition; counter-artillery radars to identify and targetartillery batteries; fire control, range finder, and optical andguidance and control equipment; tactical troop-operatedsurveillance drones, and secure command and communicationsequipment. It authorizes $350 million in fiscal year 2015 to carryout these

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Inaddition, the legislation requires the president to apply sanctionsagainst Rosoboronexport and other Russian defense firms thatcontribute to instability in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, andSyria;

Thesanctions will also be applied against companies worldwide thatmake significant investments in particular unconventional Russiancrude oil energy projects.

Inaddition, the president will be able to impose sanctions onGazprom, if he determines that Gazprom is withholding significantnatural gas supplies from member countries of NATO or furtherwithholds such supplies from countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, orMoldova

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Thedocument also imposes restrictions on foreign financialinstitutions' dealings with the United States banking system if itis determined the financial institution has engaged in significantsanctionable transactions related to Russia's defense and energysectors, or significant transactions on behalf of any Russianindividual or entity that has been sanctioned in connection withthe crisis in Ukraine.

Thelegislation will be taken up by the Senate Foreign RelationsCommittee on Thursday just hours after Ukrainian President PetroPoroshenko will address a joint meeting of Congress.

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