Rassmussen about Russia's Aggression: Peace and Security in Europe and North America under Threat Like Never Before


With Russia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has tried long and hard to build a partnership that respects Russia's security concerns and is based on international rules and norms. Regrettably, Russia has rejected our efforts to engage. Russia has trampled on all the rules and commitments that have kept peace in Europe and beyond since the end of the Cold War. It is now clear that Russia regards the West as an adversary, not a partner.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary general of NATO, writesthis in his article in The Wall Street Journal.

"The peace and security we enjoy in Europe and North America areunder threat like never before. These challenges will last foryears, and we need to face that reality," he writes.

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Comparing the threat of the Islamic State and Russia's aggressionagainst Ukraine, Rasmussen has come to a large-scale conclusion: "We are confronted by forces of oppression that reject our liberaldemocracy and our liberal, rules-based international order. Whiletheir agendas and ideologies are different, they are virulentlyagainst the West and what we represent. They will grasp everyopportunity to undermine our values of individual liberty, freedom,democracy, the rule of law and human rights."

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"We need an even closer partnership between the European Unionand NATO and to keep the door open to new members. Our liberalinternational order--embracing freedom, democracy, the marketeconomy, common rules and norms, and renouncing territorialconquest--has brought unprecedented peace, progress and prosperityto billions of people. This has been an historic achievement. So wemust stand up with greater confidence for our principles and ourvalues," the secretary general of NATO writes.

"If we fail to defend democracy, forces of oppression will seizethe opportunity. Because appeasement does not lead to peace. Itjust incites the tyrants. Failure to counter oppression will onlyinvite further oppression. Military action will always be the lastresort, but we must be able to use it when we need to. Not to wagewar, but to build peace," Rasmussen concludes.

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