NATO States Start Sending Arms to Kyiv - Defense Minister

Ukrainian Defense Minister Valerii Heletei has said NATO member states have begun supplying weapons to the country’s forces.

He announced that during an interview with Ukrainian broadcaster Fifth Channel, Censor.NET reports referring to Un.ua.

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The Ukrainian minister added that the decision to supply arms to Kiev came after he held discussions "in private with the defense ministers of the leading countries of the world" during a recent NATO summit on September 4-5 earlier this year. "These arms will stop Putin," he said.

Heletei explained his colleagues from NATO states the importance of assistance to Ukraine in a military confrontation with Russia. The Minister believes that the joint efforts of NATO and Ukraine will allow Russia to stop military aggression.

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As the agency reported, NATO claims there is no limits for the member states to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n302568