70 KamAZes from Putin's Convoy Accompanied by LPR Terrorists Arrived to Luhansk - Russian Media

Part of Putin's "humanitarian" convoy, consisting of more than 70 trucks, has arrived to Luhansk.

The trucks are currently being unloaded, Censor.NET reports referring toITAR-TASS.

According to Russian media, the trucks, which entered Ukrainianterritory without any authorization, allegedly brought sugar,cereals, and other foodstuffs. The convoy was escorted by LuhanskPeople's Republic terrorists along the route.

A total of 200 trucks will be sent to Ukraine. It is unknown w hatexactly the trucks carry.

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According to Russian media reports, confirming paper work for theKamAZ convoy was completed two hours ago in the border region ofRussia and the trucks were forwarded to the territory ofUkraine.

"Customs operations for all the vehicles and goods are completed,"Southern Customs Directorate of the Federal Customs Service ofRussian Federation reported, having added that the last truck with"humanitarian aid" from the convoy has already left towardsUkraine.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n302480