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 Number of Attacks by Russian and Terrorist Forces Increased Dramatically. Truce Is Violated

The number of attacks by Russian and terrorist forces in the Donbas conflict zone has increased sharply. The ceasefire is being rudely violated.

Head of the Center for Military-Political Studies, arepresentative of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchukwrote it on his Facebookpage, Censor.NETreports.

"Over the past 24 hours, around 40 attacks by Russian troops andmilitants were reported. Ukrainian troops strictly observe theceasefire. Besides Ukrainian military positions, the terrorists areshelling civilian targets, including civilian homes. At the sametime, the militants tell the locals that shelling is done byUkrainian troops. Similar cases have been registered in differenttowns and villages both in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions," hesaid.

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In particular, such objects were shelled from 7 PM, September 12,to 7 AM, September 13:

-.Ukrainian foothold near Marinka village was mortared and shelledwith small arms.

- Positions near Yasynuvata town were mortared and fired withcannons.

- Positions near Tonenke village were shelled from Donetsk withBM-21 Grad rocket system.

-.Ukrainian foothold near Pisky village was mortared and shelledwith small arms.

- Positions near Zhdanivka town were mortared.

- Positions and checkpoint near Maloorlivka village were attackedtwice with mortars and cannon artillery.

- Positions near the Mine of the 60th anniversary of the GreatOctober Revolution were mortared.

- A base camp near Debaltseve town was shelled with grenadelaunchers.

- At 19.00, on September 12, a massive attack at Ukrainian troops'positions near Donetsk airport was committed. The assault wasrepulsed. After that, the terrorists fired at the airport twicewith cannon artillery and mortars.

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