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 Oil Price Fell Below Estimated Figures in Russian Budget - Naftohaz Ukrayiny


The price of oil on the world market has decreased to a level lower than the target, which was the basis of the Russian Federation budget calculation for the year 2014.

Head of Naftohaz Ukrayiny Andrii Kobolyevclaimed this, Censor.NETreports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"As faras I understand the Russian budget, these figures (current oilprices) are already a bit lower than those they expected," he saidin an interview to the 5th Channel on Thursday.

Kobolyev added that the lack of oil revenues may be offsetby the reduction in imports to Russia. He, however, doubted suchmeasures would be popular.

"TheRussian Federation made a statement today aboutpossible cancellation of vehicles import from the EU. I think thisstep may partially compensate for it (decreased oil prices), whynot? Since you may notexport oil and use cars of domestic production, this is a sort of atrade-off. The question is whether the society will take it. Howfar is the community willing to go? I'm not ready to takethe gage of the Russian society, I hope that not very far," heconcluded.

Brentoil price was reported to have declined to $96.72 per barrel inregular trading on September 11, the minimum level since July 2,2012. Russian Urals oil is sold with some discount respective toBrent.

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