Ukraine to Receive Military Aid Including Lethal Weapons from NATO Countries - Poroshenko


Agreement with NATO member countries to supply high-precision weapons to Ukraine was reached during the NATO summit.

As reported by Censor.NET, at a joint press conferencewith NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, President PetroPoroshenko stated: "As a result of our bilateral consultations,nearly every country has pledged assistance to Ukraine. First ofall, it concerns the military and technical cooperation forprovision of non-lethal as well as lethal weapons, includinghigh-precision ones."

He also stated thearrangements for the medical treatment of the wounded ATO troops inthe countries of the Alliance and supply of necessary medicalequipment and medicines.

Poroshenko thankedall members of NATO, who expressed strong support, includingfinancial assistance, which was announced at the summit in theformat of four trust funds.

"The resourceswill be allocated for important areas of Ukrainian security:improvement of logistics and military management system, improvingcommunication techniques, and arranging digital security. All theparticipants of the summit have pledged to contribute," thePresident said.

Meanwhile, NATOhas no objection to such supplies, and even encouragesthem.

"The resolution ofthe NATO-Ukraine Commission will contain language on encouragingthe military and technical cooperation," Poroshenkosaid.

Poroshenko did notspecify with which countries the agreements for military assistancehas been reached.

According toNPR, U.S. General Philip Breedlove serving as NATO SupremeAllied Commander for Europe stated in an interview with thechannel: "Many nations are looking atbilateral aid, both lethal and non-lethal. And then, NATO will alsobe looking at its aid to Ukraine as an alliance. And all of thatshould be announced over the next, say, 36 hours."

The UnitedStates has so far opted against providing military assistance tothe government in Kyiv, with the White House saying repeatedlythere is no "military solution" to the clashes between the centralUkrainian government and pro-Russianseparatists.

The U.S. hasalready provided $60 million for nonlethal assistance, includingnight vision goggles, body armor, communications equipment, medicalsupplies, and rations. NATO is also expected to approve a $15.8million aid package that would boost Kyiv's military and cyberdefense capabilities, and the U.S. and European allies are expectedto conduct joint military drills in western Ukraine later thismonth.

But pressure onthe administration to escalate aid has increased in recent days,with NATO satellites showing Russian troops operating across theborder in Eastern Ukraine.

As reported byThe Hill, Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.)have introduced a bill that would provide Kyiv with militarysupplies and additional intelligence capabilities, and other topcongressional Democrats have voiced support for lethalaid.

"We haveequipment coming out of Afghanistan. I think it would be very easyfor this to happen," Kaptur said Wednesday during an interview withCNN. "The Ukrainians have to fight their own battle, again, againstRussian forces without intelligence. It's very, very difficult, andmy goodness, they didn't even have equipment to stop tanks thatwere coming over their border."

Among the armsreportedly under consideration are Javelin anti-tank missiles,which could help Ukraine repel the heavily armed vehicles crossingthe border from Russia.

President Obamamet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and other Europeanleaders Thursday morning on the sidelines of the NATO summit inWales. Poroshenko was expected to brief the heads of state oncurrent peace negotiations with Moscow, and will address a sessionof the NATO-Ukraine Council later in thesummit.
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