NSDC: Reinforcements Sent to Mariupol, There Are Enough Forces to Deter the Most Powerful Attack

Ukrainian troops were sent in the Southern direction to enhance security and deter a possible attack by the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

According to Censor.NET citing Ukrinfrom, this was stated by NSDCInformation Center speaker Andrii Lysenko on Monday,September 1.

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"The Ukrainian army waspromptly redeployed there, the military units were allocated forenhanced defense. In particular, an outpost was set up in Mariupol,which is now intensively protected by fortifications andminefields. It is in the southern direction that we have beenexpecting the assault, and we already have enough forces to counterthe most powerful attack," the speaker of the NSDC said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n300685