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 The United States Urged the Senators to Supply Ukraine with "Weapons that Will Make Putin Pay for His Aggression"

The West must do two things for Ukraine: to fix it up with weapons for defense and immediately implement sectoral sanctions against Russia to hold back its aggression.

This opinion was expressed by chairman of the Committee on foreign relations of the United States Senate Robert Menendez in an interview with CNN on Sunday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom

"We should seriously consider the introduction of sectoral sanctions either in the financial sector, in the field of defense and in the energy sector. We must also provide Ukrainians with defensive weapons that will make Putin pay for his aggression and I hope that the NATO summit will arrange an opportunity for it," the US senator said.

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He noted that Putin perceived weakness of the West, which in due course has not introduced serious sanctions against Russia, not to instigate it. "But Putin does not need any instigation. In this case, the weakness is the greater trigger for him than the display of force," the chairman of the Senate Committee said.

Menendez said that the West must recognize: the current situation is not a case of the separatism but the direct Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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