U.S. Representative to the UN: The Mask Is Coming Off. Russia Armed, Equipped, and Now Joined Illegal Separatists. VIDEO

Instead of listening, instead of heeding the demands of the international community and the rules of the international order, at every step, Russia has come before this Council to say everything except the truth.

Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to theUnited Nations, said this at a Security Council Session on Ukraine,Censor.NET reports, citingThe Washington Post.

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"This is our 24th session to try to rein in Russia's aggressiveacts in Ukraine. Every single one of those sessions has sent astraight-forward, unified message: Russia, stop this conflict.Russia is not listening.

Instead of listening, instead of heeding the demands of theinternational community and the rules of the international order,at every step, Russia has come before this Council to sayeverything except the truth. It has manipulated. It has obfuscated.It has outright lied. So we have learned to measure Russia by itsactions and not by its words.

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On August 26 - just this Tuesday - after meeting with UkrainianPresident Poroshenko in Minsk, Belarus, President Putin spoke ofthe need to quote "end bloodshed as soon as possible." End quote.Yet the same day, satellite imagery show(s) Russian combat units -combat units - southeast of Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine. That sameday in Luhansk, Ukraine detained regular Russian Army personnelfrom the 9th brigade.

The day after those talks, Russia fired Grad rockets from insideRussia at Ukrainian positions in Novoazovsk, and then attacked withtwo columns of Russian armored vehicles and tanks. Russian armoredvehicles and Uragan multiple rocket launchers are positioned on theoutskirts of that town as we speak.

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The last 48 hours fit into a well-established pattern forRussia. Each step has paved the way for the one that followed. Andyet in spite of all of these outrageous actions, Ukraine hasrepeatedly sought a political solution to this crisis. It hasrepeatedly sought a path to de-escalation. Despite this pattern,President Poroshenko showed up in Minsk to meet with PresidentPutin. In contrast, President Putin was still unwilling toacknowledge the most basic facts we all know: that Russia hasarmed, equipped, and now joined illegal separatists fighting inUkraine. Serious negotiations are needed, urgently needed. ButRussia has to stop lying and has to stop fueling thisconflict.

The mask is coming off. In these acts - these recent acts - wesee Russia's actions for what they are: a deliberate effort tosupport, and now fight alongside, illegal separatists in anothersovereign country.

In the face of these deeply alarming actions, the most importantquestion for us now is not what we should say to Russia. The mostimportant question is what we should do to make Russia listen.

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