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 Azov Battalion Received Artillery Systems and Other Heavy Weaponry. I Do Not Advise Russians to Approach Mariupol - Herashchenko

The Azov Battalion received ZU-23-2 guns and other heavy equipment essential for effective repulse of the enemy attacks from the Ministry of Defense last night.

Advisor Interior Minister AntonHerashchenko writes about it on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"I justspoke to the commander of the Azov special police battalion AndriiBiletskii. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted yesterday the speed upof weapons transfer within 48 hours according to which the Azovbattalion have received ZU-23 2 guns and other heavy weapons fromthe Ministry of Defense during last evening and night, which arenecessary for effective repelling of the enemy attacks," he wrote,adding that he "would not advise the Russian strategists to go toMariupol - all your armor we will be burnt and destroyed on thedistant approaches to the city."

Inaddition, Herashchenko noted that the issue of the other policevolunteer battalions and the National Guard armaments upgrade isbeing carried out.

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"Wehave been creating functional organization of the weapons and armortransfer to our volunteer detachments of the National Guard and thepolice together with the Department of arms of the General Staff ofthe Armed Forces of Ukraine yesterday until late night. I can claimthat we had faced with full understanding and had establishedcooperation with the General Staff under the weapons transitionissue yesterday. It now remains to do the same with correspondingdepartments of the Ministry of Defense today and the matter willmove forward by leaps and bounds, "- he said.

According to Herashchenko, there is a sufficient number ofoutdated APCs (BTR-60, BRDM-1 and BRDM-2) in Ukraine, that are alittle bit old, rusty and not in running condition, but they can berestored by joined efforts and moved to the front to cover thevolunteer battalions.

"Ishall further report the news concerning problems with ourvolunteer battalions' armament solving to the public in the amountsufficient for the understanding of the situation but withoutrevealing the details of our plans," advisor to the Minister ofInternal Affairs concluded.

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