"This Convoy Does Not Exist": NSDC Denied the Information on the Russian Servicemen Breakthrough from the Taganrog Direction

NSDC Information Analysis Center speaker Andrii Lysenko disproved the reports about the Russian regular troops entering the territory of Ukraine from the Taganrog direction.

He said this on air of "Svoboda Slova" (the freedom of speech) TV program broadcasted on the "ICTV" TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

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According to him, "the information about the breakthrough of the convoy from the Taganrog does not reflect reality. This convoy does not exist. Literally an hour ago I spoke with the border guards and with the ATO headquarters - this convoy was not registered. No one has seen it," Andrii Lysenko said.

"However, we have information that there is a convoy consisting of about 100 units of military equipment located near the town of Gukovo in the Rostov region. Those are tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, Grad launch vehicles, trucks carrying ammunition and personnel. This convoy was actually fixed but it hasn't crossed the border with Ukraine yet. We keep an eye on it," he stressed.

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