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 Another Russian Regular Troops Convoy Entered Ukraine from Taganrog Direction - Journalist

Journalist Roman Bochkala states that a new group of Russian troops invaded the Ukrainian territory according to the border guards and soldiers of the volunteer battalions.

RomanBochkala wrote about this on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He says:"The Russian regular troops entered the territory of Ukraine fromthe direction of Taganrog. The border guards and soldiers of thevolunteer battalions report this being currently in this area. 30tanks, light armored vehicles and a living force crossed the borderfrom the Russian side. They deepened 8 kilometers into Ukrainianterritory and now control 6 villages near the border. Some of themare the villages of Markyne, Shcherbak, Rozy Luksemburg inparticular. The occupants set up checkpoints leaving 3 tanks, 2armored personnel carriers and a platoon of personnel at eachcheckpoint and move further. Shots are heard in Novoazovsksuburbs."

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"TheRussian military does not hide identifying insignia in the occupiedterritories. The representatives of DPR followed them from theterritory of the Russian Federation. They ask locals to tolerate"the unrest" for a few days and promise that "everything will befine and they will have their own republic after that". Ukrainianmilitary are forced to retreat under the onslaught with the use ofartillery and Grad strikes. There are casualties and seriouslyinjured among the border guards and soldiers of the territorialdefense battalions. Our soldiers are asking for reinforcements andheavy equipment. They say that otherwise they will not be able tohold Novoazovsk. The way to Mariupol will be open if Novoazovsk islost according to them," the journalist says.

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