Pentagon: Russia Continues to Supply Tanks, APCs and Buk Complexes to Terrorists

Russian authorities continue to supply huge amounts of heavy weapons to Donbas and shell the positions of the Ukrainian military.

Thiswas stated by spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Stephen Warren,Censor.NET reports withreference to UNIAN. "I can confirm that there have been numerous columns ofRussian heavy equipment including tanks, armored personnelcarriers, rocket launchers, air defense systems and other heavyweapons," he said, noting that there were Buk rocket complexesamong the Russian military equipment transferred to Ukraine in thepast weeks.

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Warren could not specify the number of vehiclesthat crossed the border but said that the largest column, which theAmerican side managed to record totaled 100 units including tanks.According to him, this took place about two weeks ago. In addition,according to the Pentagon, Russian is shelling the Ukrainianterritory with artillery and rocket launchers. According to thePentagon press secretary, these facts suggest that Russia is doingthe exact opposite of what it is saying, and this is of majorconcern.

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"We once again urge the Russians to immediatelycease the support of the separatists in Ukraine and begin to workfor a peaceful settlement of the conflict," hesaid.

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