European Union Is Preparing for Full Cessation of Gas Supplies from Russia - EU Commissioner Oettinger

The European Commission is developing a crisis scenario in the case of a complete cessation of gas supplies from Russia to the European Union.

Europe should ensure Ukraine's gas supply if Russia cutsoff deliveries, EU energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger said inan interview with Bild ahead of key talkson the raging crisis, E.De reports.

"In a case ofemergency, it must be possible to divert gas from EU countries toUkraine," Oettinger stated.

"The storage tanksare currently around half full. But they must be completely full bythe time winter comes," the commissioner said.

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Oettinger wasconfident that Russian President Vladimir Putin "will notinstrumentalise energy supplies" in the crisis.

The EUcommissioner will be among key European officials to attend crisista, including EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to attendkey talks on the crisis, alongside Putin and his Ukrainiancounterpart Petro Poroshenko.

Oettinger toldBild that the EU Commission is currently preparing a paper for anEU summit in October, analysing the consequences of a possiblecomplete disruption of Russian gas supplies.

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"Currently, thereare six EU members who are 100-percent dependent on Russia, withfour of them getting their gas directly from there without transitthrough Ukraine," the commissioner said.

"The biggestdanger, as I see it, would be if the transit could no longer beguaranteed. This could be for a number of reasons, such as attacks.But both Bulgaria and Slovakia would then be completely cut offfrom supplies," Oettinger said.

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