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 Terrorists Call Families of Ukrainian Soldiers, Trying to Convince That Their Relatives Are Dead - Journalist

A list of killed and captured soldiers of the 30th brigade is fake.

According to Censor.NET, journalist Roman Bochkala wrote about it on his Facebook page:

"On the Internet you can find a list of dead and captive soldiers of the 30th brigade. I am not going to publish it and I suggest you to do the same. Also there is a link to the photos in Yandex storage - photos of charred passports, military IDs of Ukrainian soldiers. Also allegedly killed and captive. Do not share this nonsense. I know it from volunteers, and also today a relative of one of the men wrote. "Many of the soldiers from this list is actually alive and not in captivity! Now the guys are at home - the 3rd battalion is on vacation for five days. After all their experience. This morning, seperatists called their wives and mothers and according to the documents they found, it was like this: "You are a mother of Serhii, yes? So your son died, here is the link to his papers ... and so on." I am not writing this, basing on some rumours - this morning a wife of one of the soldiers who was with my brother in Stepanivka told me this. We have just became friends in trouble and we support each other. She said that this morning she has received a call. Her husband sleeps near her, while a separatist tells her on the phone that he is dead. Many people who are in these documents are alive! I can definitely name at least two, they were with my brother and two days ago they came to support our family, while their pictures among the dead," the journalist wrote.

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