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 Ukrainian Troops in Ilovaisk are in Operational Encirclement but the Enemy Ceased Direct Attacks - Russian Mercenaries Suffered Big Losses

The situation in Ilovaisk is rather difficult but nobody panics. The troops are courageously destroying the enemy and waiting for help.

This isstated by Censor.NETeditor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

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He writes: "As to the situation in Ilovaisk.Russian troops still control the Starobeshevo-Kuteinikovo motorroad. Our troops are shelling them with everything they got. Theencirclement id operational, that is the road is intercepted. Butthere are many ways to escape on foot. However, our troops are notgoing to go away. Because it means they will have to give up thepositions that were taken at high price and give up a strategicpoint - Ilovaisk, which like a hammer is hanging over the Donetskgroup of Russian troops. They will have to leave the hardware andequipment. Commander of sector B Lt. Gen. Ruslan Khomchak arrivedto the surrounded units right after the Russians closed theentrapment. He's not planning to leave the troops and retreatwithout orders. Therefore control of all units in the "pocket" ismaintained, there is no panic among the soldiers and commanders.Nobody whines, and the vast majority is in combative mood.

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The communication with the encircled unitsremains. The struggle in Ilovaisk continues. There is no apathy orhopelessness - the soldiers are looking for opportunities todestroy the enemy."

"The enemy ceased direct attacks on our troops -the losses suffered by Russian mercenaries are too high. However,the shelling from howitzers, mortars and multiple rocket launcherscontinues. Using unmanned reconnaissance equipped with thermalimaging cameras, the enemy hits our positions day and night,"Butusov writes.

He emphasizes: "Is help coming? Of course.Together with the units of the 3rd Battalion of the National GuardDonbas and the 51th Volyn Brigade division from the Dnipropetrovskregion are concentrated near Ilovaisk including 39, 40 battalionsof the Territorial Defense, 17th tank and 93rd Mechanized Brigade.Dnipropetrovsk is not sleeping. It should be noted that Kyiv ispaying attention to the seriousness of thesituation."

"Hold on, our heroes. We will not leave you. Iam also going there as a war correspondent," Butusov sumsup.

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