About 250 Terrorists Killed and Significant Amount of Military Equipment Destroyed

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The ATO forces continue to hold their positions and cause significant losses to the terrorists despite the intensified enemy’s activity and counterattacks.

The ATO press-center reports this on Facebook describingthe changes in the operational situation as at 07.00 am, August 25,Censor.NET informs.

"Inparticular, about 250 Russian mercenaries, 8 enemy tanks, 10armored combat vehicles, 3 MLRS BM-21 Grad and 1 howitzer weredestroyed. The Donbas battalion eliminated 50 militants and theKryvbas territorial defense battalion smashed 40 militants inIlovaisk. The Ukrainian Armed Forces strike destroyed two BM-21Grad launch vehicles and up to 10 insurgents at the Komisarivkastadium. More than 30 terrorists were killed during the successfulstrike on the ammunition depots of the illegal armed groups inKhartsyzk. About 40 militants, 3 infantry fighting vehicles and onetank were destroyed due to liquidation of theenemy'sbattalion tactical group command post. The artillery strike onenemy'sconvoy wiped out 5 tanks, 6 armored fighting vehicles, 1 BM-21Grad, 1 howitzer and 80 Russian mercenaries near Olenivka. 2 tanksand 1 airborne combat vehicle were eliminated during the clashlater in the same locality near Olenivka," the statementsays.

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It isnoted, however, that the shelling of the ATO forces checkpoints andpositions continue: "In particular the shelling of the area neartowns and villages of Novosvitlivka, Krasna Poliana,Stanytsia-Luhanska, Malomykolaivka, Tonenke, Pokrovske wasconducted".

"Oddlyenough, but there was no shelling of the Ukrainian territory fromthe Russian Federation side registered for the last night," the ATOthe press center added.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n299502