USA and United Nations Security Council Will React to Russian Convoy Invasion

USA and UN will discuss their feedback on Russian 'humanitarian' intrusion into Ukraine. Russia would face additional costs if the convoy is not removed.

This was reported by Obama's deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, Censor.NET informs, referring to Voice of America

"We very much condemn this flagrant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty which we saw today with the movement of this Russian convoy into Ukraine. Previously, it was agreed that the convoy will cross the border only with the permission of Ukraine and with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross. However, Russia sent its trucks without the ICRC and without Ukrainian authorities permission", deputy national security adviser added.

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He also mentioned that the situation resulted from the Russian Federation activities destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. We will be in touch today with our partners on the United Nations security council to discuss next steps. Russia should take the opportunity to remove this convoy from within Ukraine. If they don't, they will face additional costs and consequences from the United States and our partners in the international community", Rhodes said.

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Rhodes also said the United States has detected the use of Russian artillery in Ukraine in recent days. "Russia's aggression leads to its isolation from the international community as well as from the population of Eastern Ukraine. "We are giving a clear signal to Russia that the convoy must be removed from Ukraine. Otherwise, Russia faces additional costs," Rhodes concluded.

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