Head of SBU: Ukraine Will Not Attack Russian Aid Convoy by Aviation

Ukraine will liaise with the International Committee of the Red Cross regarding movement of the convoy, since Ukraine does not want to be involved in provocations and be accused that it is using force against the vehicles of so-called aid.

Head of the Ukrainian Security Service ValentynNalyvaichenko said this at a briefing on Friday, Censor.NET reports, citing Reuters.
Answering a question about the Ukrainian actionsin relation to the trucks, Nalyvaichenko said:

"Ukraine will liaise with the International Committee of the RedCross so that we, Ukraine, are not involved in provocations(accusations) that we have been holding up or using force againstthe vehicles of so-called aid," he told journalists.

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In response to a question whether Ukraine would use air strikesagainst the convoy of trucks that are moving throughrebel-controlled Ukrainian territory, Nalyvaichenko said: "Againstthem, no."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n299185