Russia Decided to Move Its "Humanitarian Convoy" in Luhansk

Russia says it is no longer prepared to tolerate any delays to the aid convoy heading for Ukraine and that the trucks are starting to move towards Luhansk.

Censor.NET reports about it, citing ITAR-TASS

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"We have a strong feeling that the current Ukrainian authorities are intentionally dragging the delivery of the humanitarian aid to create the situation, when there would be no one left to receive the assistance," the statement said.

"The convoy with tons of the much needed humanitarian cargo for people of these regions has been idling for a week on the Russian-Ukrainian border," the statement said. "During this period of time Russia made unprecedented efforts to settle the necessary formalities in all directions and at all levels possible."

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Russia has decided to act, and the humanitarian aid convoy starts towards Luhansk, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Thirty-four Kamaz trucks with Russian humanitarian aid for "residents of the embattled south-east of Ukraine have passed customs clearance," spokesman for Russia's southern customs department Rayan Farukshin told ITAR-TASS on Friday.

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