US State Department about the Malaysian Plane Crash: the Evidence Shows What Happened Here Very Clearly


US intelligence data shows that Russian separatists shot down the the MH17 in the Donetsk region.

Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department Marie Harf saidthis at a daily press briefing, answering the question about theupdates on the plane crash, Censor.NET reports, citing theUS Department of State.

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"We always update our analysis as we get new information, butthe information we have from the MH17 crash with - which happened anumber of weeks ago, was very strong and very much led to theconclusion that we said at the time, that this was shot down fromRussian separatist-controlled territory by a surface-to-air missilethat the separatists have," Ms. Harf said.

The State Department representative added that "theinvestigation's ongoing in The Hague in terms of looking at theblackbox. That's ongoing, but the evidence shows what happened herevery clearly."

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