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 Merkel to Meet with Representatives of Eastern Ukraine. VIDEO

During her visit to Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with representatives of the East of Ukraine.

This was said by deputy head of the PresidentialAdministration Valerii Chalyi on the Ukraine channel,Ukrainska Pravda reports.

According to him, thevisit of Merkel, with whom Poroshenko recently has held sevenrounds of telephone conversations should become a "bridge" to thenext negotiations, including the ones in Minsk.

"I might add that therewill be a very unexpected feature: it regards the directcommunication of the Chancellor with representatives of easternUkraine ... We are talking about mayors, governors - those whodecide the economic and social issues today," Chalyisaid.

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Chalyi also explainedthat Ukraine did not ask Europe for direct militaryassistance.

According to him, we aretalking about military-technical cooperation, "the means ofcommunication, drones to monitor the border and so on."

Chalyi also said thatUkraine expects Russia to provide simultaneous access ofhumanitarian aid - Ukrainian and Russian.

"Frozen conflict" doesnot satisfy us. "Frozen conflict" can quickly escalate. We want toaddress the issue and resolve it in a strategic sense," Chaly saidcommenting on the possibility of the humanitarian truce beingdeclared by the UN Security Council.

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