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 Providing NATO Military Assistance to Ukraine Is Still to Be Discussed - Bundestag Member

Germany and the EU did not give an official denial to the request of the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin for military assistance to Ukraine.

Head of the Ukrainian-German Inter-Parliamentary Group, deputy of the German Bundestag, Karl-Georg Wellmann statedthis in the comments for Sehodnia, Censor.NET informs.

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"It was a request of Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin. This question is still to be discussed. There was no official negative response to his request. Whilst I cannot say what kind of support can Ukraine get and when this issue will be discussed in the EU - it is confidential information. We are waiting for the NATO summit in Britain in early September. The question of military assistance to Ukraine will be discussed there. But we are speaking not about the military aid of Germany alone but about the support of all member countries of the EU and NATO," Wellmann said.

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Responding to a question about the future Angela Merkel's visit to Kyiv on August 23, the member of the Bundestag have not denied that Merkel will prepare Poroshenko for talks with Vladimir Putin, which will be held on August 26 in Minsk. "I think she (Merkel - Ed.) will express her support: we need a political solution of the crisis and to send a clear message ( to Russia - Ed.) that Ukraine should decide their own destiny in the way of closer relations with the EU by itself," the Bundestag member said.

According to him, the first thing for Russia to be made is to stop supplying the separatists in eastern Ukraine with arms and soldiers.

"And only then we could talk about further political decisions. We constantly urge Putin to stop supporting the separatists and building up its military presence on the border with Ukraine. Russia wants to freeze the conflict so far. But we do not want the second Transdniestria (in Donbas - Ed.). If concrete action on the part of Russia will not follow, we will toughen sanctions," Karl-Georg Wellmann summed up.

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