We Are Not Fighting with Individual Terrorists but with Russia - Advisor to Interior Minister


Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko predicts that the situation in the Donbas will escalate before the meeting between Putin and Poroshenko in Minsk on August 26.

"This "humanitarian aid" is a publicity stunt by Putin aimed at averting international attention. And to mull the eyes of its citizens - to show that Putin is, in fact, good and wonderful and a very big fan of "Novorossia". They put things in there that no one needs. And, at the same time, a huge amount of equipment and people without any PR support cross the border every night," the adviser to the Interior Minister stated in an interview with Glavkom, Censor.NET reports. "The situation in the cities occupied by the terrorists is controlled by Vladimir Putin. The Security Service and the Interior Ministry are keeping track of the number of terrorist groups. But I don't have the accurate data - whether there are 20 or 30 of them. But I can say that their number is significant.

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"We need to understand that we are fighting against the Russian Federation, which is three times more than we are in terms of population and ten times more in terms of the budget. We are not fighting with isolated terrorists, we are fighting with Russia, which supplies a huge number of hardware and equipment. Russia has huge reserves of armored vehicles, air defense systems, a lot of other stuff. And if we still have Soviet weapons, we see that the terrorists are supplied with the latest ones made in Russia after it became an independent state," the adviser noted.

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"I predict that before the meeting between Putin and Poroshenko on August 26 in Minsk the conflict will escalate further. There will be redeployment of an increasing number of troops, and perhaps there will be attempts by terrorists to counter-attack in the area of Debaltseve and Yenakieve to release the route from Luhansk to Donetsk, which we blocked. This will be done by Putin to achieve better position during the negotiations on the possible peace or any kind of isolation of the terrorists groups in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions," Herashchenko summed up. "It's a war that was not started by us. This war was started by Putin in order to prevent the establishment of Ukraine as an independent, rich, happy European state. I believe that Putin is responsible for all the crimes that are happening now. Without him none of this would have happened."

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