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 Battle for Ilovaisk Continues: Ukrainian Army Holds Two Thirds of the Town under Control

Now there is only the Donbas battalion and the Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen in the town of Ilovaisk controlling its two thirds.

This was reported in the press serviceof the battalion, Censor.NETreports citing Espreso.TV

Accordingto the Donbas battalion, the third of the town is held by theillegal armed formation Oplot.

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"Dniproand Azov battalions are outside Ilovaisk. They have made attemptsto enter the town during the day but failed," the press service ofthe volunteers' battalion says.

Accordingto the press service information, the Donbas battalion soldiersrebuffed the Vostok terrorists' group attempt to penetrate Ilovaiskfrom the north with reinforcements including six tanks. During thetwo-hour battle two terrorists' tanks were destroyed, two haveraised the white flag, and two more retreated.

"A half ofenemy's manpower was destroyed due to the successful actions of theDonbas battalion and the Armed Forces of Ukraine artillerydetachment," the report says.

Theterrorists arranged an ambush on the western outskirts of the townnear the village of Hrabske. Having lost their tank and infantryfighting vehicle, they captured the bus carrying wounded Donbassoldiers. Two of the wounded were killed, others were rebuffed,"the press-service of the battalion reports.

The pressservice also says that a fierce battle with the Oplot terroriststook place on the eastern outskirt of Ilovaisk which resulted inannihilation of twenty terrorists and three mortars by еру Donbasvolunteers.

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"Inaddition, the Ukrainian soldiers cut off the supply of arms andammunition from Donetsk, destroyed terrorists' KamAZ truck and IFVand seized a large quantity of weapons and ammunition. Twenty twoterrorists were taken in captivity: two of them are citizens of theChechen republic; five are regular Russian soldiers in uniform; twomore are citizens of Slovakia of Serbian origin," the press servicestatement says.

Thebattalion Donbas lost two soldiers by the end of the day and theArmed Forces of Ukraine lost seven.

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