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 The Terrorists Conduct Shelling from Grads in Direction of Ilovaisk and Zuhres - Eyewitnesses

The terrorists are shelling from Grads towards Ilovaisk and Zuhres from the town of Khartsyzk in the Donetsk region.

It was reported by the locals who witnessed this activity, Censor.NET informs citing UNIAN.

"We have Kolosnykivska ravine here in Khartsyzk from which the terrorists are now shelling using Grad towards Ilovaisk and Zuhres. And it lasts for a week already. They also conduct sporadic shelling using MLRS Grad on residential districts of our town," said the outraged witnesses.

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They also told me that the terrorists came from the direction of Makiivka and deployed with their military equipment near Khartsyzk pipe plant yesterday, August 19.

"We are constantly sitting in bomb shelters and cellars now," civilians complained. They also reported that a lot of Khartsyzk residents have already left the town and continue to leave one en masse.

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"Unfortunately, private passenger carriers are making profits out of war - they currently charge 600 hryvnia per person for taking to Kharkiv, whereas in peaceful time it was worth no more than UAH 100 -120. The carriers agree to take refugees to Mariupol from Khartsyzk for 1,300 hryvnia. But we have not got pensions for 2 months and the products in the stores can be bought only for cash. Plastic is not accepted in the town," Khartsyzk residents explain and declare that they are waiting for the soonest release of the town by the National Guard.

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