Terrorists in Ilovaisk Get Reinforcements from Vostok and Oplot Gangs

As of the morning of August 20thб the Donbas battalion continues its heroic fight at Ilovaisk.

It is reported by Censor.NET citing the press service of the Donbas volunteer battalion on Facebook.

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"Despite yesterday's losses, the Donbas does not cease the defense. The Ukrainian servicemen remain in control of two thirds of the city. We assure you, the Donbass will not back down until a complete capture of Ilovaisk," the battalion notes.

In addition it is reported that the illegal armed formations Vostok and Oplot came to help the terrorists.

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"Also, during the enemy's attempt to bring into the city 5 units of armored vehicles, 2 units were destroyed by the Donbass fighters. The units of the Armed Forces came to help the battalion," the statement said.

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