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 Terrorists’ Shelling of the Refugee’s Convoy Killed 17 People – ATO Press Center

17 people were killed during the shelling by the terrorists using mortars and Grad against the convoy of civilians in the area of Novosvitlivka - Khriashchuvate near Luhansk on August 18.

The ATO press center reports this onFacebook, Censor.NETinforms.

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"Thesemonsters shelled the transport moving under a white flag. As aresult, 17 people were killed and only six survived. People withburns and injuries of varying severity were taken to the hospitalin Lutuhyne town. The doctors do their best to save lives of thepeople who themselves still do not believe that they remainedalive," the statement says.

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"Themilitants sweep the area, where the convoy was destroyed, withfire. They do not allow to get to the scene of the crime not onlythe experts but also journalists. It is not possible even to pickup all the bodies at the moment." The ATO press center notes thatthe Russian media have spread blatant lie almost immediately afterthe commission of the crime.

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"No one issurprised that Russian journalists are the first who appear on thescene after the murders or any other crimes. The terrorists'henchmen immediately pin the blame for all their dirty deeds on theUkrainian armed forces. But the truth cannot be hiden and theretribution for crimes against humanity will certainly come," theATO headquarters emphasizes.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n298715