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 RF Denies Involvement in Shelling of Ukrainian Territory Despite the Evidence - Foreign Ministry

The Russian side traditionally denies its involvement in the shelling of Ukrainian territory, despite the existing irrefutable evidence.

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsof Ukraine press service Yevhen Perebiynis stated this, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

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"We haveacquired another proof of the horrendous crimes of the DPR and LPRterrorists and their Russian patrons recently. Among the evidencesare telephone interceptions, satellite images, photos and videosmade by locals, foreign journalists and even the terroriststhemselves. Facts of the attacks from Russia are also covered inthe reports of the OSCE mission, the representatives of which arelocated at the Russian border crossing points on the border sectioncontrolled by the insurgents," Perebiynis said.

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Accordingto him, Ukrainian border guards were shelled from the territory ofthe Russian Federation for more than 30 times and there were morethan 15 cases of violations of the airspace of Ukraine by theRussian helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles only for the lastweek. In addition, the Russian mercenaries and military equipmentcontinue penetration into the territory of Ukraine under thecovering fire of the Russian artillery.

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"Themilitants in telephone conversations intercepted by intelligenceagencies are cynically discussing how they shell civilians inDonbas and put the blame for this on the ATO forces. In theseconversations they talk about deeds which the DPR and the LPR andtheir leaders are actually involved in. In addition, the leaders ofthese organizations are comfortable to recognize that they receivemilitary equipment and reinforcements from Russia," Perebiynissaid.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n298712