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 Street Artist from Donetsk Kidnapped by Terrorists Again - Every Day in Captivity He Was Interrogated and Tortured

Donetsk artist from the Murzilka art group Serhii Zakharov, kidnapped by armed terrorists August 5, was released from captivity on Sunday, August 17 but detained again the next day.

"August 6-7, Serhii was kept in the SBU building, every day in a different cell, then he was transported to a Proletarsk district enlistment office, where he was kept chained together with another "cellmate," the artist's brother Andrii said, Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

Every day the artist was interrogated and tortured. He has at least a fractured rib.

On Sunday, August 17, the commander of the military group arrived and without explanation released Serhii. However, he did not give him back the documents - passport and military ID, which stayed in the SBU building where he was held from the beginning. Therefore, after a visit to the hospital on August 18 Serhii went back to the place of "imprisonment." However, after going into the building, Serhii has not come out yet.

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According to Andrii it is likely that his brother was released ahead of schedule and now he is suspected of escaping.

The subsequent fate of Serhii Zakharov is still unknown.

Murzilka group became known after posting its works on July 11 in the center of Donetsk: graffiti showing militants as death, clowns, as well as the militants leader Girkin with a gun to his temple.

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