Ukrainian Troops Conducted Sweeping of Ilovaisk at Night. Two Thirds of the City are Under Our Control - Commander Semenchenko

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By 5 a.m., about 2/3 of Ilovaisk was under the control of Ukrainian soldiers, with the whole the city being completely surrounded.

This is stated by commander of the Donbas volunteer battalion Semen Semenchenko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"We are in Ilovaisk. Yesterday the Donbas battalion, a private company of the Dnipro battalion, 2nd platoon of the Azov battalion "were engaged in heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city. Faced with fierce resistance, suffering losses, Dnipro and Azov entrenched on the outskirts of the city. They have done their job perfectly. The attack units of the Donbas battalion sweeping away the terrorists roadblocks entered the city from several directions, and by 7:00 p.m. took control of the eastern part of the city. Judging by the desperate run of the "Russian world" supporters from the city, we have learned to raid and encircle," he wrote.

According to him, еру Ukrainian soldiers dug in for the night in the city; the supply of food and psychological assistance to residents staying in the basements of office buildings and bomb shelters has been organized.

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"To build on the success, it was decided not to be a static target at night but to arrange an overnight sweep. During the night three checkpoints and four firing points of the enemy were destroyed. The terrorists shelled the Donbas battalion with Grad from Donetsk but it has not helped them. A column, which was supposed to help the terrorists was also blocked. By 5 a.m. about two thirds of the city was under control, the city is completely surrounded. We ask the residents not to leave their shelters, and we'll try to finish everything as quickly as possible. Glory to Ukraine!" Semenchenko wrote.

In addition, he noted that the battalion has not suffered any losses and the slightly wounded refused to be hospitalized and continue fighting.

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