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 Ukrainian Army Tightens Encirclement of Luhansk: the Only Loophole for Retreat Is Left for the Militants

The ATO forces are currently finishing surrounding Luhansk. The only way for retreat remains for the militants.

The Operational Command "North" presscenter reported this to UkrainianPravda.

"There isonly one loophole through which the militants still can get out ofLuhansk. But this path will be closed within 24 hours. Luhansk willbe completely surrounded by our troops," the commandsays

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"Ourtroops occupied Stanytsia Luhanska village today," the press centeradded.

Inaddition, the Command noticed that the Emergency Ministryrepresentatives are working in Luhansk trying to save the citybeing under shelling from fires and to respond to the emergencycalls despite the complexity.

TheEmergency Ministry employees are promised to be awarded after theliberation of the city, according to the press center

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TheCommand says that due to the fact that the militants weresurrounded, they give orders to attack not only the military buteveryone including civilians. "The convoy that was destroyed byGrads in the morning proves this," the Command added.

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