No Significant Results After the Negotiations with Russia in Berlin


Around midnight in Berlin the negotiations of foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France were finished. The talks that participants called "difficult", lasted for five hours.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Sundayafter a meeting with his counterparts from Ukraine, Russia andFrance that they would report back to leaders in their capitals andpossibly agree on Monday or Tuesday how to continue talks, Censor.NET reports, citing Reuters.

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"We will, and that's what's been agreed now, first report to ourheads of government and state in our capital cities and thenpossibly during the course of Tuesday tomorrow, agree how tocontinue today's discussion," Steinmeier told reporters.

"The aim remains to bring about a ceasefire in Ukraine and toprevent future victims," Steinmeier added. "It was a difficultdiscussion but I believe and I hope that we made progress on somepoints," he said, without giving details.

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The fact that the talks ended without any significant result alsocan be confirmed the tweet of Ukrainian Foreign Minister PavloKlimkin: he said that they have to meet the "five more times forfive hours" to "move it from the deadlock."

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