Humanitarian Aid from Russia Will Be Delivered through the Izvaryne-Donetsk Checkpoint

конвой гуманитарный

The truck convoy will be passed through the border in batches up to 30 vehicles and only accompanied by representatives of the Red Cross.

Head of the Customs Service Anatolii Makarenko wrote about it onhis Facebook page, Censor.NETreports.

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"After the inquiry of the Red Cross, the Ministry of SocialPolicy of Ukraine issued a decree on the recognition of the Russiancargo as humanitarian one. On Aug. 18, the Ukrainian customsofficials are waiting for the Red Cross to carry out the necessarycustoms procedures," he said. According to Makarenko, after theinspection, identification of the goods and documenting of thehumanitarian convoy from Russia, it will be allowed to enter theterritory of Ukraine.

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"We agreed with the Red Cross mission that the cargo will arrivein the Izvaryne-Donetsk (Rostov region) international checkpoint inbatches and will be transferred only to official representatives ofthe Red Cross, who will be accompanying it, and only after itpasses border and customs control," Makarenko wrote.

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