Ukraine Foreign Minister Klimkin Asks NATO and EU to Give Military Support Against Terrorists

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called on NATO and the European Union to provide military support for Ukrainian troops fighting pro-Russian separatists.

Minister Klimkin told it in an interview to Deutschlandfunk radio on Sunday, August 17, Censor.NET informs, referring to Liga.net.

"We need military aid because if we got such aid, it would be easier for our troops on the ground to act," Klimkin explained.

He said the danger of a Russian invasion was omnipresent, adding that Ukrainian troops were coming under fire from Russian territory almost daily and Russia was bringing mercenary soldiers and weapons into the country, Deutsche Welle informs.

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Klimkin called Ukrainian troops' tactics "more than proportional". Residential areas of Ukrainian cities in the Donbas are destroyed by artillery fire not of Ukrainian military, but of separatists.

"Sometimes they do it on purpose, to accuse the Ukrainian troops later. It is a kind of provocation. Sometimes terrorist groups are fighting each other," Klimkin said.

He also denied accusations of Russian territory being shelled by Ukrainian Army.

Klimkin said NATO needed to adopt a new strategy towards Ukraine. Asked what he hoped would come out a NATO summit planned for September, he said he would like Ukraine to get political support, more aid for its troops, help with reforms and help in areas like "fighting terrorism" and cyber security. But he said there was no question of Ukraine becoming a NATO member at the moment as it lacked consensus at home.

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