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 Residents of Liberated Vuhlehirsk Talk About Terrorist Occupation: They Scorched the Earth. PHOTOS

Life in the liberated towns of the Donetsk region is gradually returning to regular.

It is reported by Censor.NET with reference to thepress service of the Defense Ministry.

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Residents of therecently liberated city of Vuhlehirsk in the Donetsk region aregradually returning to peaceful life. After wandering, being inconstant fear of being bombed by terrorists, the people are finallyable to get out of the cellars and basements of their homes. Thelocals talk about the terrorists setting up their positions in theyards of apartment buildings in the center of the city, and usedslave labor of the residents for their construction. There weretanks and heavy weapons. But when the Ukrainian soldiers came, theterrorists turned to the tactics of scorched earth. The evidence -the building of a local school shelled by artillery.

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The work to restore theinfrastructure of the city is just beginning, and there will be alot of it. First of all, the locals asked to restore the schoolbecause the beginning of the school year is approaching. Almostimmediately all the local grocery stores brought in fresh bread andother foods. The water supply was restored and soon there will beelectricity in people's homes and the intercity bus service will berestored.


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