Released Ukrainian Servicemen about a Split in the Ranks of Terrorists: "Mercenaries Want to Get Away from Ukraine"

The Ukrainian soldiers, who had been released from captivity in the Luhansk region, say that there is a split in the ranks of the terrorists.

The servicemen told about it after theirrelease from captivity, UkrainianPravda reports citing the press center of northern operationalcommand.

Theservicemen told that they had been held captive by the chieftain(ataman) Kozitsyn in the storeroom in Perevalsk. "The attitude wasnormal. They treated us good, did not torture, and fed," one of thesoldiers said.

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"Therewere plenty volunteers striving to fusillade us but the Generalordered not to touch us. The order restrained them. The insurgents'discipline is at high level," another soldier said.

"Therewere no physical coercion but only moral one. They performed"political lessons", asked why we came to the eastern Ukraine," oneof the soldiers added.

"However, we have seen that there is no unity in the camp,there is a split. The militants mercenaries want to get out ofUkraine and the local militants understand that will have to standtrial," one of the fighters noted.

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