"DPR Militants Purposefully Shell Residential Areas Destroying our Homes! To Show on Russian TV!" - Residents of Donetsk. VIDEO

Donetsk city council states that two shopping centers were damaged in Donetsk due to shelling. It also states that the city center was also shelled.

"Today, August 14, at 12:50 as a result of shellingshopping center Planeta, and shopping and office center GreenPlaza, located at the intersection of Artem and Sadovyi Prospektwere damaged. The emergency crews are working on site," the citycouncil site notes, Censor.NET reports.

The operation of publictransport has been ceased. Donetsk residents are discussing theevents on social networks and upload photos and videos of thesmoking city and burning houses in residential areas.

At that, people interviewed on the streets say that theseattacks are made from the city and blame the pro-Russianterrorists: "They shoot from the city, I'm telling you, this is notthe Ukrainian army. Our own, the DPR are shooting at theresidential area. The DPR purposefully destroy houses in theresidential are! To show on Russian TV!" Donetsk residentssay.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v298056