Military Personnel is Actively Advancing on the Outskirts of Donetsk. Terrorists are Retreating

Under pressure from the Armed Forces of Ukraine the terrorists are retreating.

This was stated today at a press briefing of the NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko, Censor.NET reports.

He stated that today the Russian mercenaries twice shelled the ATO forces at the airport Luhansk from tanks. Mortar and Grad shelling of the ATO positions and checkpoints was conducted near Ilovaisk, Petrovskyi, Stukalova Balka, and other towns.

"Ukrainian soldiers have been actively advancing in the vicinity of Donetsk. This has enabled to narrow the encirclement around the city and cut off the paths, which until recently were used by the terrorists. The ATO forces blocked the supply of arms and mercenaries from Russia through H21 motor road (Starobilsk-Luhansk, Donetsk). The lack of defense resources in the direction of Shakhtarsk-Torez-Snizhne is critical for the terrorists. This allows the ATO forces to block the militant groups in these regions," Lysenko said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n297896