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 Chernihiv Region Creates "Mannerheim Line" on the Border with Russia

The construction of the complex of fortifications on the principle of the Mannerheim Line began on the northern border of Ukraine with Russia, which passes through the territory of Chernihiv region.

Chairman of the Chernihiv Regional Council Mykola Zverev said this at a briefing on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

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"The 6 m wide, 2.5 m deep reaching up to 3 m at its bottom, the ditch is dug at the border section from Senkivka to Hremyacha. The fortifications like fencing with alarm, rigs and minefields are deployed at the sections of the border that go through a swamp or river," he said.

Zverev said that he was from the very beginning of the ATO a supporter of strengthening the Ukrainian-Russian border on the principle of the Mannerheim Line, that is, by construction of the wall with the trench. According to him, the State Border Guard Service and the Ministry of Defense supported this initiative and gave the permission to begin the work. At the same time, the equipment, fuel and labor are yet provided by entrepreneurs and local authorities.

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Considering the need to fortify almost 183 km of the border, Zverev appealed to his colleagues from non-border regions with a request of the appropriate organizational, technical and financial assistance. Three chairmen of regional councils have already expressed their consent.

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