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 We Do Not Consider any Movement of Russian Convoys on Ukrainian Territory - the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration

The Russian Federation vehicles carrying humanitarian aid will not move through the territory of Ukraine.

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Valerii Chalyi announced this, Ukrainian Pravda reports.

"We do not consider any movement of Russian convoys on Ukrainian territory," he stressed.

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He also stressed that Ukraine admits that the convoy, which is already moving towards our border, must arrive to the border.

"There will be customs clearance in the transit area. The Red Cross is responsible for it and it will deliver this humanitarian assistance throughout the territory of Ukraine," he said.

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"These goods are to be loaded into vehicles which the Red Cross leases. Thus we will not allow the Russian Interior Ministry or other security agency servicemen to escort the convoy in Ukraine," he said.

"Everything will be under the control of the Ukrainian side. We will take the responsibility for the delivery of humanitarian aid," he added.

Chalyi said that any unauthorized entry into the territory of Ukraine will be regarded to as an act of aggression.

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