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 Belarus and Kazakhstan Will Not Support Sanctions of Russia and Will Not Ban Imports from the EU

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko refused to support Russia's ban on food imports from countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia.

Censor.NET. reports this citing Vedomosti

"If we need Polish apples we buy them not for Russia but for the domestic market - Lukashenko said. - If we need some German dainties we also buy them for domestic consumption. If we need to process something, we buy raw materials and process them."

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The imported products could not pass to Russia via Belarus, Lukashenko assured. He promised this to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The second partner of Russia in the Customs Union - Kazakhstan holds the same position as that of Belarus.

Press office of President Nursultan Nazarbayev after his telephone conversation with Putin said: "It (the ban on the import of agricultural products) is single direction vector of Russia, it does not envisage the involvement of other countries - members of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space (CES)."

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