Putin Knows That DPR and LPR Are Finished as Quasi-State Formations and Wants to Return to Big Politics - Opinion

Russian President Vladimir Putin is convinced that the projects of the LPR and DPR have outlived their lives and wants to return to world politics and save his face.

This was stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief YuriiButusov.

He writes: "What is a"humanitarian convoy" from Putin?

1 This is ademonstration that Putin no longer considers the LPR and DPRsubjects of talks on the situation in Ukraine, and directly,without Medvedchuk intermediaries began to communicate with Kyiv asthe only legitimate authority in the Donbas.

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2 This is Putin'sattempt to become the subject of an international peace settlementin Ukraine. "Humanitarian convoys" with mercenaries and arms didnot produce results for the Kremlin. Liquidation of the DPR and LPRgangs, almost entirely composed now of Russian soldiers is just amatter of time. Now Putin is trying to once again become a decenthuman being, and to be treated not as an invader, but as apolitician, he is sending humanitarian aid. His cynicism isextraordinary - while Russian mercenaries destroy our cities andkill Ukrainians, the person who organizes their criminalactivities, wants to provide the victims of the Russian aggressionwith blankets and canned meat.

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3 This means the failureof the DPR and LPR as quasi-public entities, recognized by Russia,i.e. a large-scale invasion of Russian troops will nothappen.

4 This means that Putingives a signal to Kyiv - dispose of this armed Girkins-Bolotovrabble - I will not mind.

5 This means that itonly depends on Ukraine as how fast the destruction of the Kremlindumped Novorossiia (New Russia) gang will happen.

6 This means thatRussian gangs will start switching from open warfare to covertterrorist activities so that Putin remains in control of a hiddentool to destabilize the situation in the Donbas."

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