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 Russia to Begin New Large-Scale Military Exercises in the Pskov Region

Russia launches the next large-scale Airborne troops exercises on Monday, August 11 with the participation of three thousand troops in the Pskov region.

The Defense Ministry Airborne troops pressservice and information department representative Major IrinaKruglova told this to the reporters, Censor.NET informs citing RIA Novosti.

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"Therewill be a two-stage command and staff training exercise of the 76thChernihiv Airborne Guards Division conducted with the landing inunfamiliar terrain and combat shooting training phase from 11 to 16August in the Pskov region," Kruglova said.

According to her, three thousand servicemen are to beair-landed on an unfamiliar terrain. IL-76 aircrafts wouldparachute 12 units of military equipment.

"Morethan 30 planes and helicopters of military transport, frontline andarmy aviation such as Su-34, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-24, Mi-8, IL-76 willbe involved for accomplishing combat task of air strike of theimaginary opposing force ground targets, paratroopers throw andsupport of the combat from air during the exercise," sheadded.

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Theactive phase of the exercise will be held on August 14 and 15featuring practical actions to seize and destroy imaginary enemy'sstrategic facilities. The training will be completed by combatshooting, which will take place during both day andnight.

Kruglova specified that the shooting will be carried outusing all kinds of standard weapons being in service with Airborncompound including 2C-25 Sprut, 2C-9 Nona, D-30 artillery units andair defense units SAM Strela-10, Igla MANPADS."

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