Terrorists Are Firing at Horlivka since 4 AM: No Power, Mobile Communication, and Water Supply in the City

As of August 10, there is no centralized water supply, power outages, and partially no mobile communication.

It is reported by local website Gorlovka.ua, Censor.NET writes.

On August 4, volleys of heavy guns are heard all over Horlivka. According to eyewitnesses, some residential areas were damaged, in particular, private houses in the Central City area. Most shops and markets in the city are closed.

According to the report, the city still has no centralized water supply, so the residents of the districts and the suburbs use boreholes, wells and springs. At the same time, bottled drinking and technical water is supplied in barrels.

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Power supply is partially restored in the area of Peremoha Square and the Experimental house. There is electricity in the village of the Lenin Mine and partly on Kirov Street.

It also reported that bread is sold only in some shops at speculators' prices.

Many private businessmen have started to give out subproducts and ice cream to the people, since they would get spoiled in the refrigerators without electricity anyway. Pharmacies work not longer than 2 hours per day. There are constant mobile network outages.

Besides, some apartment and private houses were damaged by separatist fire.

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The railroad tracks near Horlivka railway station are destroyed. Active attacks continue near the Knitting Factory. National Guard troops are already located in the Batmanivka district.

In addition, according to the locals, the Siverskyi Donets - Donbas water canal is damaged.

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