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 A Refugee from Luhansk Told Insurgents Shell the City with Mortars: "Millitants are Shelling Each Other". VIDEO

According to the refugee, there are internal squabbles among the pro-Russian militants taking place already.

"The terrorists in Luhansk put their combatvehicles and equip their firing positions in crowded places: nearschools, dormitories. There are MANPADS on the rooftops of highbuildings," one of the refugees from Luhansk notes, Censor.NET reports citing the storyof the volunteer information project Nakipelo.

Accordingto him, the terrorists with weapons are deployed in hospitals andthe tanks drive around the city all the time.


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Nevertheless, he says that the militants are now having a seriousdisorder: "They are doomed and clearly understand it ... They'recoming here as at slaughterhouse: the dead bodies are constantlydeparted"

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v297269