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 Parliament to Consider Draft on Imposing Sanctions Against Russia on August 12 - Yatsenyuk

The Verkhovna Rada shall adopt the draft law, which will impose sanctions on those who finance terrorism on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announced at a briefing that the corresponding draft law is approved by the Cabinet, Censor.NET informs citing Liga.

"The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft law on sanctions to have the possibility of their imposure. We impose sanctions on foreign entities that commit crimes against our country and against our citizens for the first time in the history of Ukraine," said the Prime Minister.

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The prime minister added that according to the bill Ukraine could use 26 types of sanctions, including the freezing of assets, the prohibition of business activities, the prohibition to use the radio frequency resource, the Internet and other means of communication, a ban on participation in the privatization of state property, a ban on the use of licenses, full or partial ban of all types of resources transit.

Also, there are special economic measures provided, including quotas and licensing procedure, special types of financial transactions verification, financial transactions termination. Conventional types of sanctions like prohibition on the entry and movement may also be applied.

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"The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall vote sanctions law on Tuesday. According to the law, the decision to impose sanctions is adopted by the National Security and Defense Council upon recommendation by the Government of Ukraine, the President, the Security Service of Ukraine or the National Bank of Ukraine", - he said.

Earlier, the Cabinet has prepared a list of 172 individuals, citizens of Russia and other countries, and 65 legal entities against which sanctions will be imposed.

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