150 Thousand Russian Troops Are Ready to Attack but They Cannot Win the War, Says Former Head of the SBU

100-150 thousand Russian servicemen are ready for an offensive.

This was stated by former chairman of the Security Serviceof Ukraine Ihor Smeshko in an interview with Den newspaper,UkrainskaPravda reports.

"Objectively,Russia has 100-150 thousand trained troops for offensive operationsbut they cannot win the war in Ukraine," the ex-chairman of the SBUsays.

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Smeshko expressedan opinion that Ukraine should gradually deploy the army on itsborders, so that in case of an attack the Russian troops would notbe able to go even 10 km deep into the country.

He also noted thatVladimir Putin is now in a difficult situation when on the one handhis plans met with strong resistance from the Ukrainian people andon the other hand it is necessary to take action to retain thesupport of his people.

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